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I just bought an Airsoft professional training rifle (M4 Carbine). It feels exactly like my real one, same sights, damn near same trigger pull etc. It allows me close range, quiet practice and is actually fairly accurate at close range. I liken it to about 65%-70% of the fun I get from a .22 AR 15 while allowing me to practice muscle memory habits such as mag release, handling, sight alignment, safety manipulation etc. I don't skirmish it is strictly a fun indoor range gun when I cannot get to the real range.

I own several relatively high end Airguns as well and they are another outlet for my shooting pleasure but different. The C02 pellet guns, although more accurate then say an airsoft are much louder.

All in all I finally took the plunge because I wanted to get some AR15 shooting in at home whenever the I fancied. I put up an appleseed target and go to town at 20-30 feet or so. It has scratched my itch nicely.

Make no mistake however, although much more accurate at close range then I expected they are no pellet guns.
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