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The terms "Series 70" and "Series 80" were originated by Colt for changes to their guns. The latter uses a firing pin block actuated by the trigger.

Those terms do not apply directly to any other make of pistol or even to earlier Colt pistols. They are used as "shorthand" ways of saying "guns without a firing pin block" and "guns with a firing pin block", but even guns with a block by other makers don't necessarily operate the way the Colt block does.

For parts not directly associated with a firing pin block, the terms are meaningless, but that does not mean that those parts will interchange among makes or even within one make. The original Colt-made military Model of 1911 and Model 1911A1 set the specifications for makers of "clone" firearms, but not all makers follow those specifications.

The result is that while parts will almost always interchange among military pistols, interchangeability among "clones" is iffy, to say the least.

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