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First off as a police officer I fully expect to be taken into custody, if for no other reason but for questioning. As a former Private Investigator I know it would not be wise on my part to make any statements except my name, and that my attorney will be handling my affairs from here on. After my call to law enforcement which will include a brief statement that I was in fear of my life or the life of a loved one (which will most likely be recorded) my next call is to my attorney. Remember that law enforcement is not necessarily your friend in this situation but your attorney (who works for you) is. I will cooperate with the responding officers as much as possible in as safe a manner as possible. Far too many good guys have been mistakenly shot by responding officers for simple things such as bringing your hands up to surrender with the gun in your hand. This action may be misread by an officer already nervous and on high alert. Don't get me wrong, most of my friends wear a badge and carry a gun but when my freedom is at stake they have a job to do and so does my attorney.
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