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The legislation passed the House and is on its way to a firmly liberal democrat senate where it is sure to pass. Hickenlooper is sleeping with his pen so he can sign it at his earliest convenience.
The Colorado GOP is also terribly fragmented and disorganized. That certainly doesn't help.
Perhaps I'm missing something because I'm not from CO or particularly familiar with their politics, but as I understand it the CO state senate is 20 Democrats to 15 Republicans while the House is 37 Democrats to 28 Republicans. It seems to me that given the narrower margin in the senate, the chances of defeating these gun control bills there are greater than they were in the house (and they only narrowly passed the house).

Likewise, the new gun control bills received unanimous Republican opposition as well as a few Democrats "crossing the aisle" to vote against them as well. That certainly doesn't seem "fragmented and disorganized" to me. All that's needed to stop these bills from becoming law is a similar Republican response as what was seen in the house and three Democrats to "cross the aisle". It seems to me that the most important letters to write are probably to fence-sitting Democrats.
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