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zinc warrior;We have no cause to fight,you are fine.

You live in Texas.I don't know too much about Texas,been a long time since I lived there.

We have an urban corridor along I-25.Denver,Boulder,maybe Colorado Springs,are a different world/culture from the rest of the state.

Through recent redistricting,my new District includes Boulder,and the Representative is Polis,a Dem worth about 69 million dollars who is liberal.Nothing I do or say will be listened to.I no longer have representation.

Does Austin represent Texas?

For Bill Clinton's second term,only 59 million people voted.There were 89 million gun owners at the time.

We are qite a powerful political force,we can make changes.We can fire people.We have to know that,we have to do more than belly ache among ourselves.

I expect the opposition to behave the way they do,I put the failure on those who do nothing.All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
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