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I'm not sure Chicago passed any new ordinances - do you have a link?

What I did see was a press statement from Mayor Emanual with Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez calling for longer sentences for felons caught with firearms, They seemed unaware of current Illinois law since the prison terms they were calling for fell within the current range.

They were calling for 5 year terms for repeat offenders and the law currently allows judges to sentence between 3 and 7 years. They also asked that "felon with a weapon" conviction be part of the truth in sentencing guidelines which would mandate that anyone convicted would have to serve 85% of their sentence

But I don't think any of that was prompted by the Moore decision or CCW bills in the Illinois General Assembly.

Hadiya Hadiya Pendleton, who participated in Obama inauguration festivities, was murdered by Michael Ward, a convicted felon out on parole for a weapons charge. I think the press conference was damage control because they knew that 2A advocates would cite lax laws for felons, lax parole guidlines, monitoring and reporting, and sentencing as the problem - not the object used to commit the murder.

I haven't heard of any new laws.
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