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Seems like the author interviewed like minded people such as Ridge Runner when doing research for his book. How many othe like minded folks did he chat it up with?

I don't call the NRA extreme. Only people who want to ban, confiscate, or severly restrict citizen access to guns consider the NRA extreme. If they are extreme in any way, they are extreme in the sense that they know the road that politicians are traveling and where it leads. Hence, they might be considered extreme. I call the NRA extremely perceptive.

The author basically suggested that lawful gun owners are at fault for gun violence by their casual treatment of firearms in their homes. This leads to kids getting access to guns when they shouldn't or guns being stolen. He goes on to say that gun owners don't want to tell the police when they have a gun stolen. I told the police when it happened to me, but I didn't turn in an insurance claim. I think I was pretty responsible.

He suggests that gun shops should not sell a gun unless the owner has a way to restrict access. I think that is none of his business and it certainly is not the government's business. Does he want US law enforcement entering people's homes to inspect their gun safes?? Oops, this one is loaded and not in the safe... write him up. That may lead to many bad situations that most don't want to consider as honest citizens.

The article blames gun owners. Why is a gun owner responsible if a kid commits suicide? Has his home robbed? Is robbed at gun point on the street? Or assaulted on the street or in their homes??? The bad guys are responsible.

When he said he was liberal. He was right. He can do what he wants to with his firearms, but stay the hell out of my life and my business!

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