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Don't get your nose outta joint. You asked the question, but there are
476 others that also reading this thread. Some of those probably had questions as well.

It's clear you already have some supplies. Now you have to match the components you have to loads that are called for in your instructions that came with your mold. Those instructions should say that some loads can be loaded then star crimped. One problem with that is if the star crimped shell could possibly be used during a target game like skeet or trap. Understand, you can't SEE that there's a slug loaded in it!

ok what i have is alliant powder made by unique it says on the (black)
What you have is Unique powder made by Alliant! Alliant makes many other types of powder, unique is just one "name".

Your lee loader will work for star crimping those loads. BUT if you choose to roll crimp,(like a normal slug load), that takes a special tool and procedure.

Yeah, if I had been your dad, I bet there would be multiple trips to the woodshed involved.
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