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If it started as factory ammo, I will try and keep it grouped together. But that's as far as I go. 90% or more of my pistol brass (.32 S&W long, .32 H&R mag, .327 Federal, 9mm, .45 auto, .38/.357, 41 mag, .45 colt) started its life with me as range pickup. I see no point in sorting it (even by head stamp) when I have no idea the life it led before I got it (number of times loaded, how hot the loads were, if it was previously trimmed, etc.). I just load and shoot it till it cracks or I lose it.........and I usually lose it. Staying away from the hot loads and excessive case mouth expansion, I have brass that is going on 30 reloads (.38 Special, .45 Auto).

I have never trimmed a straight wall pistol case, and have never needed to as they don't have brass flow like a bottleneck case will, and I don't bother checking case length unless some problem comes up while loading, and if it is severely over/under length, it goes in the scrap bucket.

If I was doing competition shooting, maybe I would prep them a little more, and maybe it would make a difference.........but minute of soda can and jack rabbit is good enough for me right now.
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