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The WSJ guy sounds like an idiot to me. Here's why:

He makes the point of being a liberal democrat, a gun owner, permit holder and makes no secret of his disdain for the NRA and he accuses them of extremism
Disdain for the NRA? Extremism? Why? Does he lay out any solid reasons why he hates the NRA? If so, what are they? Or, (as I suspect), does he just like to go around, claim to be a liberal gun owner, then profess his general "disdain" for something he likely knows nothing about. The NRA is far from extreme - in fact many non-member gun owners refuse to join because they claim the NRA is too meek and prone to compromise their rights away. Baum's article is a thinly veiled hit-piece on the NRA....with no rational or reasoning behind that position. That bothers me. It should bother you.

In the article he states that the voice missing from the current debate on guns is that of the 100 million gun owners. He makes the point that the NRA only represents four million of them
How many gun owners, EXACTLY, did Mr. Baum interview in depth? Before he makes a dumb statement that the NRA only represents 4,000,000 gun owners, lets have him answer that first. I bet its less than 200; perhaps less than 100. So, Baum claims to speak for the other 96,000,000 gun owners because he chatted it up with maybe a hundred or so. So, we should listen to this buy, Baum, who owns a gun and has friends that own guns vs. the NRA. What if I showed up at your private or semi-private gun range and started spouting off about how I know what's best for your gun range, vs. the dedicated people who groom, clean, maintain the range and provide for RO's and organize events....oh, and pay dues?

I'll have to read some more about Baum, but if what the OP states is truly representative, the guy sounds like a real dummy.

PS: Mr. Baum, you are free to come here and debate me, show me where I'm all wrong about you.

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