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Ive seen most of the videos on the subject. Never do they ask the owner of the rifle if the trigger has been modified or if proper maintenance was performed on the rifle. I know in several cases the rifles were in poor shape, most likely cleaned a handful of times over their life. My memory fails me here but i believe at least 1 rifle involved in a controversial AD was tested and an AD couldnt be replicated. And after all, theres a lot of people locked up that will say, "yes i pointed a loaded gun at somebody but i did not pull the trigger. It just went off." Anyone in the business of making deadly weapons generally has a good litigious team. Probably easier to name the manufacturers that have NOT had a lawsuit against them for their triggers.

PS i have 1 Rem 700, never had a problem, hunt w/it all the time, the trigger is at about 2.5lbs. Also i believe it is a 1998 but cant confirm at the moment.
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