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One of the objectives of gun control is to make guns less common, more alien to the average person, and socially unacceptable. Further separating a quarter of the population from their gun rights sounds pretty successful in that regard.
I think you are very much correct.

Look at how much guns have been going mainstream over the last 4-5 years. Guns were removed from many Walmarts and then were brought back, this time with AR-15s. Gun shops have gone from the land o' stereotypes to places willingly visited by first time buyers. You no longer need to feel like a leper if you're into guns, in fact, you likely have found people who will happily discuss guns with you at work, church, or anywhere else. Moreover, the people buying guns are not just hunters and that crazy dude down the street, but they're people like soccer moms and grandmothers.

If they are to have any hope at all of getting new bans passed they HAVE to roll back this mainstreaming of firearms ownership. If they can shove us back in the closet they're halfway there.
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