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Originally Posted by spacecoast
Conclusion - for my gun and shooting ability, the bargain ammo (as long as it's Federal, which even in rimfire gives me fewer light strike problems) is just as good as the higher priced stuff. Next I may try the cheap stuff at Slow Fire and see how it works there.
Well done.

When I was shooting revolvers in Bullseye, my go-to ammo was the Federal #745/750 Bulk Pack 36gr hollow-point stuff. It shot just fine out of my S&W Model 617-4 and Model 17 no-dash at both the long-line and short-line, and I made Master both Outdoor and Indoor with those guns and that ammo.

It's a little hot for my Hammerli 280, and probably a little warm for my S&W Model 41, but I like it for use in my other .22s since it seems to be the right combination of reliability, consistency, and price.

Originally Posted by spacecoast
From what I read in the Distinguished Program rules, you have to score in the highest 10% of non-Distinguished competitors at a competition held at the NRA Nationals, State Championship or Regional Tournament in order to score 6-10 points toward the 30 points required for the DR badge - does that sound right? Also, you have to shoot 158 gr. RN or SWC ammo. I guess I'll have to switch from 148 grain to 158 grain for future matches.
Yes, that is correct, both in terms of bullet weight/shape and in terms of scoring.

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