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Ditto on above comments. We just shot our first F/TR class last weekend at 1,000 yards. My rifle was zero'd at 400 and capable of .5 MOA on a good day.

However, at the 1,000 yard match, getting sighted at 1,000 took us probably 20 rounds on a 5 foot target to figure out the correction and I had literally spent hours on JBM checking numbers. In our case, it was my fault, I had forgot to re-zero the windage turret before we went. I had been shooting in 15 MPH winds prior to the match.

Point being, we got some 9's, 10's and 1x and it was a lot of fun, but I can't see anyway possible hitting a sheet of paper at 1,000 unless you are already dialed in for 1,000, are seasoned and know what the wind is doing.
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