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I'm going with a service Grade Springfield. Also ordering 200 rds of Greek M2 Ball and the M5A1 Bayonet. Anyone have any suggestions for the sticky note to attach to the order form? I've heard CMP is very good about getting customers what they want, I'd like to get one built during WWII and planned on asking for one in the sticky.
Typically the CMP is pretty good about honoring sticky note requests, provided they can find a rifle that meets your request within the current crate they are pulling rifles from. When I ordered my Service Grade Springfield last year, I included a sticky asking for a WW2 serial number and USGI walnut stock. I also included a small donation to the CMP to "grease the wheels." Less than a month later, I received this beautiful 1944 Springfield with a new CMP walnut stock. I couldn't have been more pleased!

Pretty sure the CMP is out of WW2 Garands at this point, save for some uber-expensive Correct grades or whatever.
This is not exactly true.

Ordering a Winchester-made rifle was a guaranteed way to get a WW2 serial number (since all the Winchesters were manufactured during WW2), and the the CMP is out of Field Grade and Service Grade Winchesters for sale via mail-order.

However, it is still quite possible to get a Springfield Armory rifle (Service Grade Special) with a WW2-serialed receiver via mail order, though there is no guaranteed way to get one, outside of hand-picking from one of the two CMP stores.

As far as the OP is concerned, there is no harm in requesting a WW2 receiver, and there is a possibility your request will be honored. And there is no reason to be dissapointed if you end up with a Korean War-era rifle, as these rifles tend to be in great shape, tend to be better finished than the WW2 rifles, and they incorporate all the product improvements that came during the Garand's service life. They are just as desirable as the WW2 Garands.

In short, ordering a Garand from the CMP is always a win-win situation!

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