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Has anyone here had an accidental discharge from a Remington 700 because of mechanical failure of the trigger system?
I saw one happen this past deer season. We got back to the truck (2 friends and myself) and proceeded to unload our rifles. I happened to be looking at my friend and watched the rifle go off. Needless to say we were all surprised, especially him. This was only his second hunt and he was pretty shook up. He maintained that his finger was not on the trigger, and that when he flipped the safety off the rifle fired. So we unloaded it and tried to duplicate it and guess what? We could with alarming regularity, the firing pin would drop about every other time when the safety was released. This was a new phenomenon, he'd had the rifle for a year or two without issue.

This was an older 700, my friend mailed it back to Remington and they sent it back with a letter saying they identified the problem and fixed it. He had ringing and pain in his left ear the remainder of the hunt, although I think things are basically back to normal. Luckily he was practicing safe unloading practice and the rifle was pointed the hell away from everyone.
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