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well without extra components, I've been doing more to my brass lately... normally I sort by headstamp, & call that good... but with so much extra time to pay attention to my brass ( I'm holding off on reloading anything with SP primers, as I'm down to a couple 1000 ) I've polished all mine with stainless pins, & in doing so, I noticed between my 3 lots ( brands ) of cases, I had a pretty big variation of flash holes, so I've been running all my cases through my flash hole uniforming tool in my RCBS case prep center... if I get bored again waiting for a resupply of primers, I may check & sort them by length...

the length measure is important, since the case headspaces on the case mouth, but most guns have allowances for quite a big length tolorance... again, if I get bored waiting, I may size mine, depending on how my lengths run...

I don't normally go through the bother, but the more you do, the more consistant ( reads both functional & accurate ) your loads will be...
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