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QuickLOAD has that Barnes bullet in its database. And, of course, it has default data for the .308 Winchester.

But, to get a reasonable assessment for the performance in you specific gun, we need the barrel length and the COL to which you will load the bullet.

We also should have a volume for a case that has been fired in your gun and NOT resiszed. If you are just trying to see what QuickLOAD can provide, I can do it with a default case volume, but that tends to be a little on the small side so as not to underestimate pressure. That tends to make the charge weights a little on the small side, too.

So, at least give us the barrel lenght and COL.

And, promise not to use the outputs without checking them against a proper load manual, first. When no manual listings are available, it is usually best to start low and use a chronograph to help tune QuickLOAD as you progress to higher loads, rather than to just assume that it is right-on without checking.

By the way, QuickLOAD has no provisions for assessing the effects of different primers. Or the amount of freebore, for that matter.

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