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Charles daly pistol grip

Hello charles daly fans, any grip that fits a mossberg 500 will fit a c.d. Pump or semi-auto. There are two issues you will encounter. First - the stock fastening bolt for the mossberg is probably a 5/16x 18 thread and the stock fastening bolt for the c.d. Is 10mmx1.5 thread. The second issue - the neck on the c.d. Is a little larger than the neck of the mossberg therefore you will encounter a small ledge where the grip/stock meets the receiver. There are several products out there (grips/stocks) that many people are happy with. If you need parts for c.d. Go to and look up the parts -- then call akkar at 305-593-9782 after 2 pm and ask for mark. C.d. Pistol grip part #1197190a (a pistol grip stock is also avail. But i do not have the part #)
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