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They don't get much love and you won't impress the friends but the EAA Windicator (pronouced Vindicator) in 38spl/357mag does a pretty good job for the price. It has 6 rounds, is relatively beefy at 28 ounces, is not much bigger than a J-frame and mine shoots as straight as any gun I have. The 357rounds are as easy to manage as a regular 38 special though a light-weight J-frame. If you have $1,000 to spend and don't mind the cost, obviously a S&W is a better gun. The EAA is definitely industrial-grade but it does work and I haven't seen any really bad reviews of it. Most actually seem to be surprised at how functional the gun is. I carry it with no problem IWB. Will it stand up to thousands of rounds - I have my doubts but for now, after 200-250 with 50 or so 357's for the added fireworks, it real works well. I paid about $300 for mine.
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