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Thanks for the replys, much appreciated. Sorry, I should have mentioned that I like in the UK.....

We do not have any blanks for this gun at the moment. Even if we did, I wouldnt even dream of loading them never mind cocking the hammer! I am fully aware of the damage they can cause.

Yes, it would be a good idea to test a blank, but, as we dont have any and I have nowhere "remote" to test the gun (police would probably be around in 10 minutes if I was to test at home!), Im a bit stuck.

However, going by your comments, do you think it will work ok then? Is it just a small issue that can be easily fixed through a bit of usage/firing? Im hoping that when it is used, it will be fine, otherwise everyone will be left at the starting line and ill be in trouble with my husband!

Thanks again
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