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Unfortunatelty all the bills on gun control brought before the Colorado house passed yesterday. I imagine they will pass the Colorado Senate as well. The problem with Colorado like so many other states is that there isn't equal represetation anymore, with very few counties deciding the outcome of our state. The population density shifted from rural to metro years ago and so now the political views of the state have shifted from conservitive to liberal.

I don't know of any good way to get our voices heard that have rural roots or make a living in the Farming/Ranching, hunting, and shooting industry because the liberals in power won't listen to anything outside their agenda. My hopes are that the new "fee" for back ground checks gets squashed by TABOR since in essence it is a tax which has to be voted on by the people. My other hopes as well is that RMGO, GOA, and NRA all file law suits to help us out.

Magpul will leave Colorado as well they should even though they gave an exemption for the manufacture of magazines larger than 15 rounds. I wouldn't be surprised if Gre-Tan and other well know Gunsmiths in the industry leave as well. These bills are going to have a bigger effect than the politicans think on the Colorado economy. I think you will see as well people just refusing to obey the new laws.
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