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I have a Springfield M1911-A1 loaded on order from Bud's guns. It is paid for but do not know when it will come in.

OTO. . .I was over at the LGS today and saw a Ruger .45 auto on the shelf and it looked smaller than the standard SR1911. I asked to see it and sure enough it was the Commander size. I noticed it last week and thought I would take another look. Seems they got in 7.

I went ahead and bought it to go along with the full size SR1911.

I will take it to the range Friday and see how it does. The slide to frame fit, if it really means so much, is tighter than the full size and the trigger is good.

The slide is nowhere near as smooth as my DW Valor but I did not pay as much for it either.

The salesman I talked to says they are getting the CMD size easier than the full size.

Now I have one of each. Price was 699.99 for the gun and got a $35 veteran discount.

Friday will be fun.

Carpe Cerveza
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