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Stupid laws again how is anybody going to tell if a mag is pre-ban or not?
Initially, I had the same thought. Then I decided to check the D&H USGI 30 round magazines I bought last month...sure enough, they're stamped "1 13" on the left side. These are the only 5.56 magazines I own, so I can't comment on whether other manufacturers date-stamp theirs. My 17 round Glock 9mm mags do not have a date stamp that I can find, although I haven't taken them apart and looked at the interior...

The CO mag ban has to get passed the senate and it might not. it seems there a few pro gun democrates in CO
I've been having the same thought. Yesterday's article on the Denver Post's website about the ban passing the House had over 600 comments (huge for the Post) and the vast, overwhelming majority were strongly opposed to the ban. I have a feeling that this may be one of those laws that sounded good behind closed doors, but when the senators actually have to debate the thing and hear from their constituents (not to mention thinking about reelection!), moving Colorado just slightly to the right of CA and NY may not play so well back in their districts...
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