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I am a Colorado resident.I hope Magpul understand our politicians DO NOT represent the will of the people,they represent their own self interests.

I hope as soon as Magpul gets the presses up and running,they begin a special project,the 15 round "Colorado" series.

Msake them for AR-15's,AR-10's,LR308's,and make lots of them.

I hope they will offer a special price on 7-paks ,maybe $75 or so,and just flood Colorado with them.

Beyond the inconvenience and my "things" ,I have a very large problem with a government that takes steps to criminalize peaceful,law abiding citizens.

I am not a legal scholar,but I also hope someone like Mark Levin and Landmark Legal Foundation will challenge this in court.

And folks in Colorado,we have an election in 2014 .Fire them.Keep a list of every name of every politician that did not actively fight this,believe no more of their lies,remember this forever,become active in politics and FIRE THEM!

As many gun owners as are in Colorado we are powerful if we stick together.
Right now,in a very loud voice,we must let the Governor know,you sign that bill,you are FIRED!

Even non-shooters should get behind that idea.

Magpuls home of Erie,Colorado,was a depressed coal mining town with a race track and an auto salvage yard for an economy.

Magpul came along with an enterprise that gave these folks jobs,a tax base,put their name back on the map.

For the political ambitions of a few hucksters,the future of a community has been sacrificed.

Its not just guns,or magazines.

Its freedom.

Call the Governor.
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