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TEX... could probably find several quotes of mine on this forum, that look identical to your original post...

just traded a FN-5-seven for a pair of polished stainless Vaqueros in 357 magnum... I think I got the better deal...

my ( modern ) single action revolvers include small to big...

stainless NAA Mini in 22 lr
stainless Ruger Single 10 ( being converted to an 8 shot 25 acp )
custom converted blued & brass 32 caliber opentop blackpowder to 32 S&W
a pair of polished stainless Ruger Single Sixes in 32 H&R magnum
the pair of polished stainless Ruger Vaqueros in 357 magnum
a custom blued & brass A Schmidt 44-40
a pair of polished stainless Ruger Montado's in 45 Colt
a custom polished stainless Ruger Montado birdshead snubbie
a custom blued Ruger blackhawk in 45 acp / 45 auto rim, with an extra 45 Colt cylinder
a custom 5 shot blued Ruger Super Blackhawk in 50 A.E.

then I've got a couple antique ones as well ( I collect pocket spur trigger single actions )
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