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Anyone who has a good source that shows significant, meaningful benefits of .40 or .45 over 9mm should present it.
In essence the question is can anyone show that the 357 Magnum offers meaningful benefits over the 38 Spl. Or, can anyone show that more power helps?

Everything is a balance and ya makes the choice based on needs and capabilities.

Below are links to Brassfetchers slow motion videos of ammo being fired into 20% ballistic gelatin. 10% gelatin is the norm for the industry to use in testing and bullet construction because 10% most closely approximates human muscle and organ tissue. For the vids Brassfetcher uses 20% for the visual effects. For this reason the bullets do not penetrate as deeply as they do in 10% gel but the effect of the force of the bullet striking is more graphic.

The wood blocks that the gel sits on are 1" square as are the spaces in between. Note the action of the blocks of gel.

First 9mm...



In the gun that you shoot well, choose a caliber that you shoot well and match it to the task. Take the most powerful round that you can shoot well from a gun you plan to carry. Choose a good bullet matched to the task. More power don't help if you can't handle it well. But it always helps if you can. Need to sacrifice power for speed of recovery or round count? OK, choose a good bullet.


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