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A Repository of Reliable Sources & Citations

Spats McGee's Note: JimDandy started this thread to be a central repository for links to reliable sources for statistics, argument, articles,and the like. If you have links that you often use in looking up those kinds of things, and they are from reliable sources, post them here. Links that lead to unsupported, obviously ridiculous or otherwise "wildhair" claims will be unceremoniously deleted from this thread. My thanks to JimDandy for starting this thread.

When you're making a point, and need to prove it.

Origins of Crime Guns
PBS article touting Straw Puchases, and Corrupt FFL's as primary sources, trickling down to then illegal marketplaces, thefts, and family/friends.

Most common types of Crime Guns:
DOJ Justice Programs study on what guns are commonly used in crime.

FBI Uniform Crime Report with Census data for a per capita look at homicide by firearm, with comparisons for three most common restrictive firearms laws- AWB, May Issue and/or Carry Ban, and Permit to Purchase AKA FOID:

2010 UCR, Census and Wikiepedia Laws by state merged into one spreadsheet- with sources footnoted.

Edit if others want to include more, and one of the experts wants to include a post with a quick run down of the Scrutiny available.. this is all stuff I've had to come back here and search in other posts for.

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