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Can't answer your Browning question... but I have a couple Stainless Stalkers, & they are very nice shooting rifles...

I also have one of the Remington 700 - 100th aniversary of the 30-06 cartridge limited editions... my Remington is also unfired, & is a really nice looking limited edition, I bought mine very right ( less than a new BDL in 30-06 )... ( I'll probably mount up a scope & shoot it on nice days... but have yet to do so )

if the Browning is just a standard edition, I guess I'd probably shoot it on nice days... if it were some sort of special edition, I might think twice... but personally feel these things were made to shoot... so nice rifles get special "sunny day" treatment, but most everything I have gets shot at least once...

I even took an unfired special edition early Rossi engraved & special wood lever gun, that I got for a great deal, & made a cowboy action gun out of it
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