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first of all let me apologize for the delay on this response as i was called out of town on family business.

now to the point: 1st yes i agree i don't know the first thing about reloading that is why i asked and thank you all for your help even those from whom i am so glad you were not my father.

ok what i have is alliant powder made by unique it says on the (black) plastic bottle "most vestal powder made for all pistol calibers and great for 12,16,20 and 28 gauge loads" I'm sorry i didn't lay this out for you as i figured that you may assume that i wasn't an idiot.

of course the primers are 209 Remington and yes i know you cant replace the 209 primers as after a quick look at all the primers on the massive shelves at the gun stores and all the research i have done cant be replaced with pistol or rifle primers maybe it is because they aren't the same size. I'm not gun stupid just a little ignorant in the reloading world.

the wads i bought are AA super-lite pink wads i haven't bought shells yet.

i got the lee loader NEW for 65 dollars at bass pro shop and if you can find me a MEC for that price i want a truck load.

my main question wasn't these things just an over view.

i really was wondering since i was just going to reload slugs and 00 loads for blasting the hell out of things such as microwaves and toasters could i use different shells i am sorry i didn't make my self clear simple can i use shells i can get cheap at the local gun sources around Dallas area or do i need o buy new shells?

i thought i made this clear and i have re-read my thread post and maybe my mind doesn't work like most but it seems clear where i said i had read load information etc.
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