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And then there is the whole "universal background check" thing. Seems like they are in full court press mode on that one. I'm just hoping people like Sen Coburn are going to be able to deflect them into just improving reporting and the whole mental health thing. This one isn't over yet.
I really wonder if that isn't because they're determined to get SOMETHING, ANYTHING passed. They wanted a ban, magazine limits, background checks. They would have even gone for confiscation if they could have (the wish list bills now DOA in MO, MN, etc. show they tried). They wanted tons.

So far, with the exception of NY (already a morass of gun control) and CO (more and more overrun by folks intent on turning it into California 2: Electric Boogaloo), they've won nothing. Not one thing. And even in CO the limit is 15 rounds... not the ten they often try for and certainly not the seven the poor folks in NY had rammed down their throats.

So they want to come out with some kind of victory. Two months ago I was thinking that if we escaped with nothing more than background checks on all transfers, we got out of this storm in surprisingly good shape. I'm still thinking that may be the case, but then again, by no means do we even need to give on that... rather, we can even take part in that discussion and shape it if it can't be quashed.

Why did this happen? Is it because of the money involved, as the Chicago police commissioner claims? Hardly. It's because people like us contacted our legislators and made our wishes very clear. As said, that's easier to do on a more local basis... state by state action is much harder for the antis to fight since there's still not that many places amenable to their desires.

If we keep it up, we'll keep winning. This is the kind of groundswell that just didn't happen in 1994 (not until after the ban passed, that is). We're showing them that the election results of '94 were not a fluke. We're still here. We still care. And we're paying very close attention.
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