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Before we go off into the great liberal vs. conservative issue - here's

Joe Scarborough - a conservative.

Here's a self-proclaimed true conservative who babbles like Diane or Chucky. He has a national forum to share his stupidity.

My point - we want to avoid the blanket statements (as stated above by many) as we have jerks like this abounding.

---- Now are far as motives. The great divide seems to be urban and Northeastern (with urban centers added in other states - CA, IL, MN, etc).

In these regions, antigun sentiment abounds as the populations fear urban crime and have been convinced that they are incapable of defending themselves.

From what I've read in the lit - the urban and/or Eastern variables are greater predictors than lib vs. conservative. True, those areas have a greater number of liberals but the conservatives who are urban are in great part no better.

That's my take - and I don't want to start the lib. vs. conservative fight on other values.
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