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"But lets just say you own a business that has experienced some thefts and wish to search all vehicles at the end of a shift in an attempt to find the culprit(s). During these searches you find an employee with a carry permit has kept their personel protection properly secured in their vehicle during that shift. If that employee has not done anything offensive or unlawful, they should be protected from termination just because their carry beliefs are different than your carry beliefs. It is no different than terminating an employee because you witnessed them entering a place of worship that differs from your place of worship."

I do not believe I have a right to search my employees vehicles or person. I only have the ability to ask them to leave or to fire them. If we are arguing that an employees car is their personal property and I may not regulate what they keep in it at my place of business how in the world could we ever justify me searching said property?

Va is an employment-at-will or a right to work state. I am not sure about Tenn. I can terminate an employee for any reason without having to justify my decision, unless that action violates federal law or state law. I cannot legally fire someone because of their religious beliefs because that is included as a protected class or something which I may not use against an employee. I would not do such a thing anyway.

Forgive me for taking this thread sort of off topic, that was not my intent. I feel as strongly that property right are important to a free society, just as I believe the 2nd amendment is important to maintaining a free society. I do not like the government telling me what I must or must not allow on my private property. But, I am a libertarian nutball. Once you allow them to tell you what you must allow, it almost always lead to them telling you what you must not allow. For example, laws that ban guns from churches, even though those churches are not public property. Again, sorry for the off topic.
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