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Would love to get your feedback on the 250
- Trigger pull is long, but, consistent, smooth with no stacking. It reminds me of a Keltech PF-9 I once owned. Takes some getting use to if you do not shoot many DA revolvers. It is lighter than my GP-100, not quite as light as my M29-3.

- Accuracy is very good, but I was grouping 4" low at 25'. This concerned me as the rear sight is not adjustable.Turns out this was due to the sight picture I was using (pumpkin on the pole). The proper sight picture is to cover the pumpkin with the white dot. But I must keep in mind this is not meant to be a target pistol. It is a combat handgun!

- Ergonomically the full-size grip frame fits my hands perfectly. Which is good because it is a bit top heavy. Which also is good, because felt recoil seemed less than my Ruger SR9. A very comfortable pistol to shoot.

- I have fired a variety of ammo (~250 rounds) including my reloads with zero problems. My own 200 gr Hornady XTP load is becoming my favorite.

Conclusion: The P250 is a very simple, but well made pistol at a very good price. I like DAO sans safety as perfect HD handgun. Accurate, very easy to maintain and the frosting on the cake is the fact that I can convert it to a 9mm or .40 for around $250 each kit without FFL paperwork.

I give it .

Edit - I forgot to mention, that this was my first .45 Auto. The last time I fired one was 40 years ago when I was in the US Army.

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