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I agree that the anti's have lost the momentum.

But... we are a country of over 300 million. The bills are all written and the media groundwork has been laid. The other side can patiently wait for the next mass shooting. Could be a month or could be a year. But it is hard to argue there won't be one.... we better be ready.

I agree the AWB is dead at this point. I hope the magazine capacity bills are dead but something _could_ still happen there if we don't watch them.

And then there is the whole "universal background check" thing. Seems like they are in full court press mode on that one. I'm just hoping people like Sen Coburn are going to be able to deflect them into just improving reporting and the whole mental health thing. This one isn't over yet.

As far as the states go... well, I'm not totally against this sort of thing. I'm against the actual legislation but... I'm a lot happier when they do it state by state. Rather than having a large and intrusive Federal Government shoving it down our throats. Pro-gun people can control their states and the crazy people that want to live in the super high density population zones can have theirs. I'm sad for the pro-gun people that live in NY but I would rather see that outcome than a national law created to "help NYC and Chicago" that affects gun owners in Oklahoma.

And we all know it is easier to effect change at the state level. I can drive to OKC. I can actually talk to my state Reps and Senators. They come through my home town all the time. The Federal Government is much more insulated from public input.

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