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Why guns?

Politicians want to take away all guns. This is just the first step. Ask any politician why they want to take away "assault rifles" or limit magazines and they will tell you its because they want to stop mass murders. Ask them if its OK with them if only 10 people are killed with a magazine limit of 10. Ask them if they will be happy if the next criminal or mentally ill person kills just 10 innocent people! Ask them what if the murderer carries two or three pistols and kills 20 or 30 kids!Will they be satisfied with their new laws? Of course not! The next step will be banning ANY gun capable of shooting multiple rounds or banning all guns because the first limit of 10 round magazines and banning of assault weapons did not work. None of these gun bans work because 1) criminals and mentally ill people don't follow laws 2) the problem is people not guns! Mass murders are committed on a regular basis in the Middle East many times without guns! Look at Obamas Chicago with very strict gun laws! Hows that working out?

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