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Next gun - not a Glock

My only experience with a semi-automatic has been my M&P .22 and my Shield 9mm. I will be in the market for a full size semi soon and thought I'd try out a Glock since it seems that "everyone" loves a Glock. I know not everyone but they have their followers for sure.

At the range yesterday I rented a Glock 17. It felt ok in my hands but it didn't melt into my grip like I'd hoped. I could probably get used to it. The trigger seemed smoother than my shield and I actually shot pretty decent groups shooting at 5 yards. What I didn't like was that after 10 rounds my hand was tingling a bit like if I'd hit a tree with an aluminum baseball bat. Not pleasant. I shot it a couple of more times and the same thing. Am I doing something wrong or is it just the way the gun feels. I never get that feeling after shooting my Shield 9 or my 357. Maybe it's just me.
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