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Yep, this is definitely what this bill is about.

Although I see nothing about needing a million dollars worth of liability insurance.

I would abandon ship if I was in New York. Hopefully I am wrong, but I think that all of these gun control measures in New York are going to result in no one having guns except for gangs/other criminals and law enforcement. If you are not a criminal and you own guns in new york, get ready for them to find a reason to brand you a criminal.

So when they pass all of these gun control bills that criminals are going to ignore, and law abiding citizens can not obtain a gun to defend themselves expect gun crime to soar. They will pass more laws to further restrict firearms, which criminals will continue to ignore and there will be more gun crimes.

The sheer principal of prohibition is a self defeating philosophy, because like I said before, criminals do not care about obeying the law. The more guns that are banned, the more guns that illegal arms dealers will be able to sell to anyone that has the cash. It will lead to a river of guns flowing into the state of New York, with no questions asked to the people they go to, no forms, no licenses, and an illegal gun in the hand of any criminal that desires to have one.
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