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I watched that farce of a video Noelf2. A law professor, really? That is your source of all great knowledge. A video posted on youtube by a law professor, unnamed, unknown. Some jerk in a tie behind a podium in a classroom. There must be 100 thousand of these guys in the country so what makes this guy stand out.

What is it about this video that makes his statements credible at all?
Your funny... Here you go:

You would probably associate with other non-law assessments like the "Weekly Standard" rebuttal of Professor Duane's "jerk in a tie behind a podium" lecture, so I'll link it here too. In my opinion, they're not understanding what the professor is talking about:

James Duane isn't saying "don't help solve crimes", he's just saying "don't talk to the police". Cops on the scene are note takers, and they can (and do) get things wrong. You can still be called as a witness / credible source with the guidance of your lawyer. You simply say that you will cooperate, but you need legal guidance first. Much different than Rev. Sharpton's "Don't Snitch" idiocy.

Did you listen to the Police Officer affirming the professors message? Last half of the youtube video?
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