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Oh, they're definitely losing steam.

Colorado is the only place outside of the usual anti-gun enclaves where they appear to be getting anything done. The President is one of the very few remaining federal level politicians still pushing for more gun control (and it appears that nobody in Congress is listening... bans are off the table there).

In the various states, while ban bills have been introduced, in the vast majority they have been stuffed into dark holes from which they shall not return. Moreover, the anti gun folks are showing themselves to have overreached- the confiscation bills in MO and MN that are dead in the water and the confiscation/unconstitutional search bill in WA that supposedly was put out there "in error."*

This particular set of battles in legislatures is in wind-down phase. If we keep the pressure on the anti-gun forces will get nothing. Then it's off to the courts to see if some of the recent legislation (such as in NY) will stand up to the new Heller based scrutiny. I rather wonder if they won't... if that is the case, then we may even see magazine and politically incorrect gun bans struck down nationwide.

*Error, sure. It's pretty clear these bills are written by outside lobbying groups and they got carried away with their wish lists. While those groups have their politicians willing to introduce bills, very few are willing to sign on to such things.
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