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Pincher. I actually saw a 10-22 that had the action floated and the barrel full length bedded with no release agent. It also had the barrel bolted to the stock in two places. It also happened to be the most accurate 10-22 I have ever seen. It was also in a custom stock that was basically a piece of aluminum. A 10-22 is a very weak action relative to the huge bull barrel that this rifle had on it.
That was another pretty good method used by several people, but it fails to stabilize the weak receiver and trigger group. Pulling the trigger can actually bend the action a bit, moving the scope slightly and causing shots to deviate a bit. If a person pulls the trigger exactly the same each time, or if the trigger is extremely light, it's not as much of a problem.

The other thing that the method doesn't do is to provide a bedded trigger guard, which I do. The bedded trigger guard helps provide a bit more consistent hammer energy, especially if trigger pins are at all loose in the trigger mechanism and/or receiver.

The other situation is that barrels tend to lengthen as they heat up, and barrels bolted down in two places can cause the POI to drop, as they tend to bend between screws. Barrels fastened that way can bend more on top than underneath, but such vertical dispersion may only be noticed by shooting benchrest with good technique and using high-quality ammo. Sun warming may be more of a factor than normal target shooting of bull barrels.
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