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There are really people who not only believe they can make a better world, they are in the business of doing it. Control is the method they will use and they will pull any stunt to get it.

I saw an article where they hoped to be able to put electronic devices on cereal boxes and such that would encourage you to do things their way. "Eat healthy because it will save all of us money fixing you if you do, but your medical insurance goes up if you don't. We don't want to pay for your bad habits, etc."

It's the same as Progressive Ins. Company's new toy, that module they plug into your car called "Snapshot". It supposed to monitor how you drive so you get a lower premium. It's voluntary now, they are looking to get a good population using it voluntarily first. Then they will use numbers to justify making it mandatory if you want their Insurance, and other companies follow suite. Soon everyone has to do it.

Now you have a nanny in your car that will give you kibbles and bits if your good and smack you on your bill if you are bad. Oh, and wait till the Fed mandates them so they can add some more government regulation on top as well. All of this to "make us all safer".

Of course the States need tax revenue so why not just get your speeding tickets without all that Police officer radar fuss hey?

These ideas and toys are not the future, they are right now today, it's happening.

This is just a view of the better world they are working hard to create

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