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It is one thing to know "how" the opposition works...but it is quite another (and I say it is more important) to know the "why" the opposition is working so hard to do what they are doing.

Pure and simple ignorance!

Keep in mind that the anti's are the same people that don't want any of us to own 'magazines' that hold 100 clips (I don't know what that is or would be, but I think I need one.).

These are the same people that think the .223 is a 'high-powered' rifle; compared to what? A 30/30, .308, 30/06, 500 Nitro Express?

These are the same people that think a 'Standard' capacity 30 round magazine is a 'high-capacity' magazine...

The anti's are also the same group of people that think that if you purchase ammo in bulk to save money, you must be plotting evil. These are the same people that flipped-out over James Holmes buying 6000 rounds; last I checked, the Colorado shooter didn't have a pallet jack in tow...

People fear the unknown. Ignorance is Bliss...

Just my two cents
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