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Yeah, I know you wanted factory loads but that stuff is expensive!

These loads shoot great out of my Savage 10FLP and 16FLHSS Custom.

Bullet: Nosler 175 gr. HPBT
Powder: Hodgdon Varget 43.0 grs.
Primer: Wolf Large Rifle
Case: Lapua
LOAL: 2.853 (2.272 Base to Ogive with Stoney Point)
Average Velocity: 2610 fps
Extreme Spread: 25.38
Standard Deviation: 8.00

The bullets are seated out as far as they'll go while still fitting the magazine (about 2.866 on my 16FLHSS). Bullet jump 0.040.

Five shots at 200 yards.

Here's a similar load (with a Sierra bullet) at normal loaded length from my 10FLP. It has a longer throat and older (+3000 rounds) barrel.

Bullet: Sierra 175 gr. HPBT
Powder: Hodgdon Varget 43.0 grs.
Primer: CCI-BR2
Case: Lapua
LOAL: 2.805 (2.230 Base to Ogive with Stoney Point)
Velocity: 2582 fps

Ten shots at 100 yards.

I tried a load recommended by Bart B. this weekend using a Sierra 190 gr. HPBT. I was going to use these in a friends 300 Win Mag but he didn't seem interested - and bullets are kind of scarce right now.

Good groups at 100 yards but forgot my camera.

From my 16FLHSS again.

Bullet: Sierra 190 gr. HPBT
Powder: IMR 4064
Primer: Federal 210
Case: Federal
LOAL: 2.850
Velocity: 2580 fps

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