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One other thing re: 9mm Mak...

Originally Posted by Pilot
All bets are off if there are importation bans, ammo taxes, outright ammo bans, etc.
I'm no Chicken Little, but I'd like to mention a couple of notes re: 9x18mm Makarov.
  • Potential import restrictions on Russian ammo will have a much greater effect on the price and availability of 9mm Mak than the other 2 cartridges because most 9mm Mak ammo comes from Russia.
  • As I write this, several states have gone to a FFL-only ammunition sales system, or seem likely to do so. This will probably have a negative effect on the price and availability of 9mm Mak in those states because it sells slowly enough that most retailers can't justify stocking much of it and/or selling it cheap.
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