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The Great Gun Grab...not the how, but WHY?

We are all pretty aware of the latest great gun control push....and as a result, we are fairly able to recognize how government intends to go about limiting guns. We see many states through proposed legislation intent on passing stricter gun control laws, gun registration...and even gun bans.

But I was asked by a friend just yesterday this question: "Why do those people really want to take away guns?".

The obvious gun control sound bites came to mind..."public safety", "No one needs an assault rifle", "Only the military should have guns".

But as I thought it more, I really started to wonder if there might be something more behind gun control.

Despite our protests, the liberals continue to promise that they don't want to ban guns...they just want to limit a very certain few specific firearms in order to curtail "the mass slaughter of innocents".

If particular state's newly introduced legislation bills are any indication, there is a concerted effort to ban not a certain few, but an entire type of firearms that are perceived to be egregiously dangerous.

So, I began to wonder...if there really is an underlying desire to ban all guns from civilian possession and ownership, why? To what end? Is this all REALLY about public safety?

It is one thing to know "how" the opposition works...but it is quite another (and I say it is more important) to know the "why" the opposition is working so hard to do what they are doing.

Does anyone have an educated theory about the motives behind governmental gun control?
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