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F Class shooters like the Sinclair 3rd Generation bipod, but it is for prone and bench use and very pricy ($150 to $250 depending upon whether you want the azimuth adjusting knob).

The F-Class bipod is the steadiest bipod that I have ever used.

I also have used a Harris for several years on a number of different rifles and it is probably the best bipod in its class.

I have only one rifle, my old Model 70 Winchester, that won't connect the F-Class bipod because of the M70 front sling connector. The M70 has an arched metal band to connect a sling to instead of a proper swing swivel and I don't intend to mess up a super grade stock replacing the sling connect into a swing swivel. The Harris bipod works fine with the M70.

I would recommend that you don't skimp on the bipod you choose because of price unless you only have one rifle and it will be mounted on it all the time.
Sharing a bipod among multiple rifles really exercises the mounting mechanism and that is one of the weaknesses of the low priced versions IMO.
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