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When cooler heads prevail over the rest of this year, do seasoned handgun owners (I've never had one) anticipate that the general ratios between the lower prices in these three rounds will be similar to what it was a few months ago?
To be clear, nobody can forecast actual prices, but will Makarov ammo probably be a little cheaper than .380, and 9mm Luger a bit less than .380?
Typically, .380 > 9mm Mak > 9mm Luger, although 9mm Mak prices are a bit difficult to compare, because most of the 9mm Mak ammo on the market is steel case (Brown Bear, Silver Bear, Wolf Military Classic, etc). If you can't use steel-case ammo at your local public range- which is becoming more and more prevalent- brass-case Mak ammo is comparable in price to .380 or slightly higher, and it's less widely available.
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