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Posted by coachteet: I watched a great video a few years back by a criminal defense attorney speaking on this topic. He proved that there is literally nothing you can say to the police that will help you in any way. Any and all information you give to the police will only be used to build a case against you. The scene speaks for itself. If the prosecution decides to prosecute you based on an erroneous interpretation of the evidence, it is not your expertise to contradict the interpretation. That is your attorney's job. You will do nothing but screw yourself over and weaken your defense. Keep your mouth shut.
As Frank Ettin has already taken the trouble to explain in one of the links in Post 11, the advice in that widely distributed video was not intended for self defense cases.

The advice applies when it is the duty of the state to prove that you did the deed.

In a self defense case, you must necessarily admit to having done the deed, and you must produce evidence that you were lawfully justified in having done so.

The evidence at the scene and witnesses may disappear forever if they are not pointed, out, and since very few shootings in the out of doors do involve self defense, there is no reason to expect arriving officers to look for it.

In a home intrusion the evidence may be obvious, but relying on inapplicable advice in a self defense case that occurs elsewhere could seal one's fate.

In a home invasion, the evidence may be obvious, but perhaps not all of it. Should there be no evidence of breakage I would probably want to point out where the person shot came in, and I would certainly want to point out whether I knew of any others who had fled.

And frankly, I question the advantage of saying "I feared for my life,"
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