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Magpul and leaving Colorado followthrough

Magpul says they will leave the state if the bill was passed.

This goes one of 2 ways...

They follow through with their promise to leave as quickly as possible, leaving other state governments to seriously consider whats more important, jobs for their citizens and incoming tax dollars for the state budget or creating more useless gun laws.

They don't follow through with their promise to leave for whatever reason. State governments from here on out laugh whenever somebody threatens to close up shop and move away, effectively neutering whatever leverage anyone else who tries this in the future may have.

I don't envy the position Magpul is in, and I'm sure its got to be rolling around in their minds as to what in the hell to do.

I saw a new article which talked about Joe Biden cheerleading to some of the politicans out in Colarado. It was summed up as: Biden "emphasized the importance of Colorado's role in shaping national policy around this issue."
I couldnt agree more. I do think a great deal hinges on Magpul's ultimate decision to stay or go.

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